iJobbers Review: Scam or Legit? How it Works, Registration

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ijobbers has established itself as one of the top platforms in 2022. In this ijobbers review you will learn how it works and how to sign up for ijobbers and make money.

Ijobbers Review

ijobbers is an online community of digital earners whose sole purpose is to generate wealth and passive income on the Internet. This platform was created to provide a source of revenue to help members get out of financial bankruptcies

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On this site, members can make money every day by participating in AirDrop, sharing viral posts, advertising, and uploading interesting material.

this platform was launched on the 24th of January 2022.

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How Ijobbers Multi Level System Works

You can look forward to ijobber’s multi-level MLM acquisition system. Unlike other platforms, you can register for 2000 Naira, complete cycles / stages and get ₦ 15,000 immediately.

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Below is a brief breakdown of ijobbers MLM jobs

1• You need to form a team. This can be a WhatsApp group or Telegram. (WhatsApp is recommended)

2• Add people to the group and talk to them about the opportunity to earn ijobber’s multi-level MLM.

3• Sign up for MLM and become a team or group leader.

4• Again, you will receive an affiliate link after registration

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5• Get your team to sign up for you with just two people and your cycle begins.

6• Invite A and B downlines to bring them to the party respectively.

Congratulations when this is complete. The cycle is complete you can withdraw your15,000.

How To Make Money on Ijobbers

The first thing to consider before making money with ijobbers is choosing the package of your choice.

There are basically two benefit packages. Worker package and master package

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How To Make Money on workers package

Referral Bonus: 1500₦

Welcome Bonus: 1500₦

Daily AirDrop: Every 7 Hours: 220₦Daily

Daily Viral Post: 150₦Daily

Memes, Ads, Short Video Sketches, Music Files, Articles Related to These Activities Upload

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You need to select a package to extend with 1,500 ₦.

The registration fee for the worker pack is ₦3,000.

How To Make Money on Masters package

Referral Bonus: ₦2500

Welcome Bonus: ₦2500

Daily AirDrop: Every 6 Hours | ₦320 daily

Memes, Short Video Sketches, Music Files, Articles, Ads, Blogs, Of These Activities Upload one.

package needs to be updated is #3500

Registeration fee for Masters package is #5000

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How to renew the package

After payment, you only need to renew your account with 50% of the registered amount. So for a 3,000 naira package, you only need to renew your account with 1,500 naira.

For the ₦ 5,000 package, renew your account with ₦ 2,500 naira after payment.

As a upline, you will receive a 10% bonus each time the downline renews your account.

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How to withdraw on Ijobbers Airdrop

Once you have made enough money on your site, the next step is to withdraw. Apparently, many of these sites have one big problem in common: it’s revoked.

With this in mind, members who make money from ijobbers are looking forward to withdrawing revenue to their bank account.

This also serves as evidence for affiliates to convince others to join the platform.

Below is how the payment system works with ijobbers.

All unintroduced revenue will be credited directly to your bank account every day when you reach the minimum payment point every 28 days.

On the other hand, affiliate bonuses are paid daily with a minimum of ₦3500 withdrawals.

And Again, all revenue will be renewed after payment with only 50% of the registration fee.

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Does Ijobbers pay without Referral

Yes, ijobbers claims to pay without Referral, but I don’t recommend you rely on it.

Ijobbers Registration

To register with ijobbers and become an active member.

First, you need to decide which package to sign up for. As mentioned above, Worker and Masters packs are available.

Then the next thing to do is get an activation code from one of the coupon providers approved by ijobbers. Once all of this is ready, you can proceed with your registration.

Ijobbers Registration login page

Ijobbers login page

After successful registration, you can log in from the official ijobbers website.

Ijobbers Review scam or legit?

iJobbers is a newly launched platform that came into the limelight on January 24, 2022. The site looks cool with promising features and the platform is currently paying off.

Again, Google Adsense ads can be found on sites that show potential streams or revenues that can generate revenues for effective payments and sustainability.

However, the only concern, our estimation, is that the platform is not registered with the Board of Governors as a legally operated company in Nigeria.

Next, because the owner or administrator behind the site is unknown, there will be a slight panic about who to call if the site goes down for a day.

Finally, at the time iJobbers is paying, you can’t flag scams, but it’s highly recommended to be careful when dealing with websites.

iJobbers Review: Scam or Legit? How it works, Registration

In summary, Ijobbers is one of Nigeria’s most profitable websites that promises a fluent and sustainable revenue structure. If you have any questions, recommendations, or suggestions for this review, please leave a comment below.

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  1. I have waited for over 2 weeks since I clicked on withdrawal,they even told me to renew,that which I have done still money is still pending all my friends are laughing at me telling me it a scam

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